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Namaste Mataji

T.V advertisements do thrown up sometimes some hilarious ideas. One such advertisement is that of Luxemburg Suiting. In the advertisement, a guy is working with his boss on some important work when a sexy chick comes in through the door. The guy blurts out …woooooooow…His boss snaps in saying that she’s his wife. The guy improvises saying


She’s so strong

So like my mom

Namaste Mataji !!!

Aneek Wins

Of all the hoards of reality shows, I have been following Saregamapa 2007.

The 3 finalists were Aneek(from Bengal), Amanat(from Pakistan) and Raja(from Rajasthan). From the eyes of a rational viewer, if I were to pick up the singer who deserved to win the challenge, then I would certainly go for Amanat Ali.

Reasons: firstly he’s a versatile singer. Secondly, his voice doesn’t match any of the voices from our bollywood playback singing diaspora and thirdly, he’s got a damn good classical singing training.

Aneek and Raja, on the other hand, sound so like Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher respectively.

So, what happened? Since, Amanat was from Pakistan, he didn’t really had any chance.

Out of Aneek and Raja, HR gave so much positive reviews and heaved on so over the top praises on Raja, which I think, eventually led to his demise to 2nd position. Aneek finally won by more than 10 lakh votes.

Aneek, apart from HR had the backing from ladies who used to come as guest on Saregamapa to promote their films (Diya Mirza, Dipika Padukone et all). I don’t know what the fuck did they find in that fat ass !@#$%^&*

Of course, there was this romantic bullshit thrown up by HR between Aneek and Sumedha. That of course, helped the TRP’s and Aneek’s popularity.


Dead Like Me

I have trying to write about this from a long time but couldn't do so due to time constraints. Now, the break that we are getting this semester between 2 periods is being utilised by me in completing episodes from TV series. So, it was during one of those dry seasons in DC++ where the series I usually watch (smallville, prison break, heroes) were simultaneously on a season break and so either i had to opt for series which had a history of just 1-2 seasons or the new series that were on offer in DC (Kyle XY,Californication,Damages,L-word).

It happened that I opted for the former and chose "Dead Like Me" (IMDB:9.2)and man was I impressed by this series.Well, this series is about a group of reapers who live among the living and have been given the task of collecting souls from bodies of would be dead persons(specifically those who die from unnatural causes...accidents, suicides, murders etc). So, they have their share of gore and grisly deaths of persons and unfortunate souls scheduled to die an untimely death(Quite senti stuff here). The main protagonist is a 18 year old girl named Georgia 'George' lass played brilliantly by Ellen Muth who dies after being hit by a falling toilet seat from a space shuttle from USSR. The series is all about LIFE AFTER LIFE of Georgia and also about how her family deals with her ill-timed death.

Now, Why I chose to write about this is I was very very impressed by Ellen Muth's acting skills (ably very well supported by other cst members). Ellen Muth isn't drop dead gorgeous and hasn't even the kind of bust that may make guys go gaga over her. In plain words she is not hot by miles. But what struck me about her was how she carried the character of georgia with an air of non-chalance about her. The way she talks when she is furious with Rube (Head of the reapers) or when she is upset over her premature death and had to die a virgin or when she love talks with guys (living) to get in bed with them...she carries all these without a wince. Even the way she dresses and carries herself.... I loved it all.

It is a pity that such a fine series had to end after just 2 seasons due to some differences between the creator (same as of smallville) and producers. The concept of the series was nothing like any other and I am sure that if it had continued in the same vein as its 2 seasons had it would have turned out to be one of the most popular one.

Now, the good news is that 'Dead Like Me' is coming out as a movie with the same cast members. I would be keeping my fingers crossed and hope that it turns out to be as good as the series was because bettering it would be very difficult.


An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian driver, who was high on Scottish whisky, followed closely by Italian paparazzi, treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines, and dies.



Times change,chances get lost,things don't go as planned
What i wanted,what seemed in my grip,what seemed so achievable
Turned out to be a illusion,a mere farce created by my false demeanor
I was living in a fool's paradise.

The change was diabolical....i was thrown out of my feet
I was so used to winning...defeat seemed inconceivable
Former glories prompting present downfall
A bolt out of the blue

Explanations...success required none...failure permitted none

I had failed where my comrades had got through
People who counted on me were left speechless

I had lost their faith...........damn it

Skepticism crept up on my mind dilemmas ran riots
Doubts casting shadows on my abilities
Every breath I took was rather choking me out

The blackness...the melancholy consuming me swiftly

Oh man,this is bad,i need answers now
I feel like I have lost my way

Someone, surely, must be able to show me

How this game of life must be played