Living on earth sure is expensive but it includes a free round trip around the sun.


All of you are wrong.

The answer is Parvati Vaze, a model who bears an uncanny resemblance to Genelia D'souza ( the Jane tu ya jane na girl or the bommarillu girl to some) in this wallpaper.

This wallpaper is from FHM's 2009 calendar where she is Miss October. A few other models and film-actresses make up the other months. My favorite is Bruna Abdullah (Miss January) who's VJ on Channel V...looks absolutely sizzling hot.

PS: could have rotated your head instead of doing that with your laptop. :P


Pehchaan kaun?

Can You identify the girl in the picture? I bet you can't.

Came across this joke today in Maxim's January 2009 issue.
Height of embarrassment: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking your nose first. OUCH!! Gave me stomach cramps this one.



Nothing's happening.
I am...I don't know what I am.
I don't want to read anything.
Don't want to write.
Don't want to watch.
Don't want to sit.
Don't want to stand.
Don't want to walk.
Don't want to sleep.
Don't want to do anything.
Don't want to do nothing.

Just want to say 'Abracadabra' and *poof* just vanish oblivious to others and oblivious to me.

Anything worthwhile mentioning over the past one week was we realizing that Shhhhhh was suddenly not getting obese but actually is pregnant. Shhhhhh is our cat and yeah you have to make that sound to call her.



25 Things

Dhiren tagged me. I have to tell 25 things about me. Here I go.

1. I drink lots and lots of water, maybe about 6 liters of water everyday. No...I don't run marathons or go to gym which necessitates this kind of behavior. I just drink water I don't find anything else to do.

2.I analyze things a lot and I think about a lot of things.

3.I am not a chatter-box. I speak only when I need to speak.

4.I will never have 32 teeth that a normal adult has coz 2 of my premolars have achieved martyrdom to plaque.

5.I absolutely love bhaigan ka bharta and biryani. Ek saath nahi...alag alag.

6.I like to keep my nails short all the time and I don't understand how some girls can keep their nails long just for decorating them with polish et al. I always fear what if the long nails poke somebody's eye out of the socket.

7.I never miss the Jug Suraiya article in TOI. I think the way he makes his point across to the readers with his humor and pun is phenomenal.

8.I can't sing or play any kind of instrument or can dance or give thought provoking public speeches or any kind of speeches or paint or sketch or write heart-wrenching poems or any kind of poems.

9.I hate crowds. They are a big-turn-off for me and I absolutely avoid crowded places.

10.I don't have specific loo-timings unlike other people who religiously go in the morning.

11.I am a sucker for women in short hairs of specific kind say Gina Gershan's cut in Bound or Juliette Lewis' in Natural born killers but definitely not the Gillian Anderson kind from The X-files.

Just clarifying things. The lady on left is Gina Gershon and one on the right is Juliette Lewis.

12. I have about 15000-20000 songs in my computer...a majority of them Hindi.

13. I have a very high metabolic rate that means however fatty food I take in I never gain weight.

14.I have a phobia of dogs.

15.I don't like the western kinda fast-foods like pizzas,burgers...etc. Give me pani-puri, chaat, bhel-puri anyday and I will devour them.

16.I don't like cold drinks at all.

17.I absolutely don't know any kind of kitchen job...cutting, cooking etc.

18.I am a weekend drinker. I prefer Beer, Vodka or White Rum.

19.There was a time when I used to be sincere in studies.

20.I love cinema though my movie-god is my good friend Utkarsh who has watched more than 2000 movies now(this guy is insane)

21.I am Bengali by birth since both my parents happen to be Bengali but culturally I am more of Bihari/Chattisgarhi and people have a hard time believing Bengali really is my mother-tongue.

22.Bihari guys have always been my best friends.

23.I have actually a talent. With a bit of effort I can reasonably copy anybody's writing and I have put this talent to use at various instances in my life.

24.We are a group of friends who believe that there are two kinds of people in this world. One who believe in Ataraxia and the other who don't. We the the former kind.

25.I lie very often. In fact I lie at the drop of a hat. It is possible that some or all the things said above may be lies out of my twisted convoluted mind or I may be lying right now. You decide. :P


Read this. Which brings us to the question "How much of sexual liberty is good?" and "Is sexual education doing any good in the west?" then why should we introduce it in India. This is total erosion of family values. Is mindless westernization eating into our Indian culture?



That's why I always prefer my own room.

Jai Bajrangbali ki

Results of moral extremism. Thank god they didn't go ahead with wedding plans.


First Kiss


Now, everybody's talking about Valentine's day and talking about crushes and love, I thought I should share a story. Now this story doesn't start with 'Once upon a time' coz that places the story quite a few ages back. I would say the story takes place about 15-16 years back in a small school of a very small town of say Chattisgarh(erstwhile M.P). The story is about a boy. Let's name him 'A'. A girl named Vanita also studied with him in the same class. (Vanita btw is also synonym for 'woman' in Hindi) There was something about this girl, that whenever he set his eyes on her, his heart would start racing like a car clocking 180 on the highway. He could never explain it. May be it was her starry eyes, or the braided hair or the rosy cheeks or the pink lips. Nah, it just wasn't a single thing.

And then there was her birthday. While everyone was singing the happy birthday song, 'A' left his seat and approached her. He wished her happy b'day and then kissed her on the lips. Next thing he remembered was the shocked look on Vanita's face as he was being dragged away by Acharya sir with a look of repugnance as if someone had farted on his face. On the way, Acharya sir asked him 'Maa-baap ne yehi sikhaya hai?' to which he replied 'Nahi....Khud se seekha hai' and then he felt his ear getting strained beyond its elastic limit. That was the last time he swore to god that he would ever speak the truth. He was taken to principal's office and his parents were called for and then there was the 'Sanskar-Sanskriti' lecture. By the way 'A' still hasn't been able to figure out what the heck is this 'Sanskar-Sanskriti' thing.

Later that evening 'A' saw Madhuri's breast-popping number 'Dhak Dhak karne laga' and he forgot all about Vanita. ;)

Disclaimer:All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



Yep....that's pretty much summarizes Anurag Kashyap's Modern Devdas. What I would say is the light-hearted scenes have been really done well. The film is seriously wanting in the serious portions of the film. Unlike Bhansali's Devdas, where you feel connected to his pain in love, you rarely feel the same kind of sympathy for this Dev. The crushed male libido of Dev is also not clearly portrayed on-screen. The audience in my opinion will hardly empathize with Chandramukhi aka Chanda and her reasons behind joining the whore world. And there are just too many songs packed into the movie. Kashyap could have done with just background score instead of incorporating the songs. In the end, the movie just kills the 'spirit' of Devdas the sole reason why this Sarat Chandra's character is so famous among jilted lovers.

Two other things of note that happened today.

No.1: I saw a man committing suicide. We were standing on Park Street Metro Station. A man standing on the far end of the platform suddenly left his bag and jumped in front of the train. I saw him getting rebound from the opposite wall and then BANG!!! with the train.

No.2: While returning from Kolkata, a guy kept staring at me the whole time while I was sitting beside him in the train. I was really pissed off at his 'dirty looks' and felt like breaking his jaw.


Blue Velvet

I don't usually listen to English songs. Whichever I do, I come across them as a part of a movie/tv-series OST. Here's a song from David Lynch's Blue Velvet originally sung by Bobby Vinton. To aayeye sunte hai bobby vinton ki madhosh kar dene wali aawaz me yeh sugam sangeet. :P

Hope you enjoy it.

And here's an inspirational video I came across after a long time. Click here.


Height of Love


My bro is taking in loads of proteins into his body. I was intrigued coz he's not into body building and all. So, I asked him the reason and he said, 'She is two inches taller than me.' that brings us to the question I'm gonna put forward to the guys that 'Would you go out with someone who's taller than you?' and to the gals that 'Wouldn't you want your guy to be taller than you or it doesn't matter.'

My opinion...well I wouldn't go out with a girl who's taller than me. It would eat me all the time or may be I can make an exception if she's like ridiculously rich. Yeah...Yeah...You can call me male chauvinistic pig...I don't fuckin' care.