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First Kiss


Now, everybody's talking about Valentine's day and talking about crushes and love, I thought I should share a story. Now this story doesn't start with 'Once upon a time' coz that places the story quite a few ages back. I would say the story takes place about 15-16 years back in a small school of a very small town of say Chattisgarh(erstwhile M.P). The story is about a boy. Let's name him 'A'. A girl named Vanita also studied with him in the same class. (Vanita btw is also synonym for 'woman' in Hindi) There was something about this girl, that whenever he set his eyes on her, his heart would start racing like a car clocking 180 on the highway. He could never explain it. May be it was her starry eyes, or the braided hair or the rosy cheeks or the pink lips. Nah, it just wasn't a single thing.

And then there was her birthday. While everyone was singing the happy birthday song, 'A' left his seat and approached her. He wished her happy b'day and then kissed her on the lips. Next thing he remembered was the shocked look on Vanita's face as he was being dragged away by Acharya sir with a look of repugnance as if someone had farted on his face. On the way, Acharya sir asked him 'Maa-baap ne yehi sikhaya hai?' to which he replied 'Nahi....Khud se seekha hai' and then he felt his ear getting strained beyond its elastic limit. That was the last time he swore to god that he would ever speak the truth. He was taken to principal's office and his parents were called for and then there was the 'Sanskar-Sanskriti' lecture. By the way 'A' still hasn't been able to figure out what the heck is this 'Sanskar-Sanskriti' thing.

Later that evening 'A' saw Madhuri's breast-popping number 'Dhak Dhak karne laga' and he forgot all about Vanita. ;)

Disclaimer:All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Cuckoo said...

'Nahi....Khud se seekha hai' That was such an honest confession ! lol

And that's bad, chaahe jitna bhi chhupao, we all know who A was errr.. A is. :P

P.S.- Can you pls enable the Name/URL option for commenting ? It's again a request.
I don't use blogger anymore, so can't help you on this. Pls take help of any of your blogger friends. I guess it is there in the options somewhere.


Amrita~Ams said...

hehehe..'A' hero hai hera..:P :P..
gud one abhishek

Suresh Kumar said...

Ladki se ek baar vinamrutha (like munnabhai says) se poocha hotha :)

And public mein.... sher da puttar.

So where is the boy now ?

abhishek said...

@freya didn't need any guts...he did what he felt like

so to hai...

arey tab munnabhai release kahan hui thi :P
abhi to engg kar raha hai 'A'

Harshita said...

Main tumhey shaque ki nigaahon se dekh rahi hun...hehehehe...

Yeh koi aur nahi tum hi ho... ;)

Pallav said...

Good haaaaa....
"Khud se seekha hai" is really nice haaa...
i think 'A'= Abhishek

abhishek said...

arey A agar abhishek hota to main abhishek na likhta...tch...tch

Sneha said...

Muzey poora yakin hai ki 'A' tum nahi hou.:)
A tou bichara sidha sa hai.;)

Pri said... whats the point behind the story?? *confoosed*

abhishek said...

thanks for the vote of confidence...ek tum hi to ho jo mujhe samajhti ho

kya confusion reh aur clearly batao...