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Yep....that's pretty much summarizes Anurag Kashyap's Modern Devdas. What I would say is the light-hearted scenes have been really done well. The film is seriously wanting in the serious portions of the film. Unlike Bhansali's Devdas, where you feel connected to his pain in love, you rarely feel the same kind of sympathy for this Dev. The crushed male libido of Dev is also not clearly portrayed on-screen. The audience in my opinion will hardly empathize with Chandramukhi aka Chanda and her reasons behind joining the whore world. And there are just too many songs packed into the movie. Kashyap could have done with just background score instead of incorporating the songs. In the end, the movie just kills the 'spirit' of Devdas the sole reason why this Sarat Chandra's character is so famous among jilted lovers.

Two other things of note that happened today.

No.1: I saw a man committing suicide. We were standing on Park Street Metro Station. A man standing on the far end of the platform suddenly left his bag and jumped in front of the train. I saw him getting rebound from the opposite wall and then BANG!!! with the train.

No.2: While returning from Kolkata, a guy kept staring at me the whole time while I was sitting beside him in the train. I was really pissed off at his 'dirty looks' and felt like breaking his jaw.

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Sneha said...

Nice review and sharat Chandra ki tou mai fan hun .;)
Have a nice day.

Harshita said...

That is a nice review...I wud still want to watch this movie...I donno something is really raw abt it...

Uhuh! You saw a man committing suicide...shuh! tht must be very disturbing...

And for the guy giving u dirty looks...well njoy the attention...why shud women suffer all the time... the time has come for the men to be the recipient...hehehe

Amrita~Ams said...

I read the reviews in one of the hindi news ppr..
it was lyk : "Aapatti janak stithi ho sakti hai" :P :D
So i decided ll watch it at home..heheh
nyways nice reviews

Chaotic Horizon said...

bad movie :(

too much of sexual overtures and no story :(

songs except emosional atyachar were loud and bore....

dunno why 5 stars given for it in TOI

Sam_2 said...

Ams aapne fir naidunia ya raj express me padha :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Shit... U saw a suicide.... u must have been really disturbed.

Hmm... a guy looking at you.... be careful of such people.... may be he's interested in you :)

abhishek said...

fan ho to movie mat dekhna waise bhi tumhare taste ki nahi hai...

dekho bhai u r losing focus...i wouldn't mind one bit if a woman starts staring me :P

dekho par vol kam hi rakhna ;)

abhishek said...

exactly...didn't like it..

thanks suresh for the concern but i think i can handle myself :)

peter said...

I was desperately waiting for this movie and went for it too ..but din get the tickets ..anyways i will watch it anyhow :D

and OMFG u saw someone commiting sucide :O in kolkata metro ...gawd :O those are so fast trains ...even i feel like getting blown away when the train passes me.

and gays are sick :(

abhishek said...

yeah...decide for yourself

suicide was something new for me to watch...

gays...well not sick but should keep to their type of folks.

Chronicwriter said...

suicide.. thats sad

and the jaw breaking incident... where was he looking?

Jannis27 said...

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