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Namaste Mataji

T.V advertisements do thrown up sometimes some hilarious ideas. One such advertisement is that of Luxemburg Suiting. In the advertisement, a guy is working with his boss on some important work when a sexy chick comes in through the door. The guy blurts out …woooooooow…His boss snaps in saying that she’s his wife. The guy improvises saying


She’s so strong

So like my mom

Namaste Mataji !!!

Aneek Wins

Of all the hoards of reality shows, I have been following Saregamapa 2007.

The 3 finalists were Aneek(from Bengal), Amanat(from Pakistan) and Raja(from Rajasthan). From the eyes of a rational viewer, if I were to pick up the singer who deserved to win the challenge, then I would certainly go for Amanat Ali.

Reasons: firstly he’s a versatile singer. Secondly, his voice doesn’t match any of the voices from our bollywood playback singing diaspora and thirdly, he’s got a damn good classical singing training.

Aneek and Raja, on the other hand, sound so like Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher respectively.

So, what happened? Since, Amanat was from Pakistan, he didn’t really had any chance.

Out of Aneek and Raja, HR gave so much positive reviews and heaved on so over the top praises on Raja, which I think, eventually led to his demise to 2nd position. Aneek finally won by more than 10 lakh votes.

Aneek, apart from HR had the backing from ladies who used to come as guest on Saregamapa to promote their films (Diya Mirza, Dipika Padukone et all). I don’t know what the fuck did they find in that fat ass !@#$%^&*

Of course, there was this romantic bullshit thrown up by HR between Aneek and Sumedha. That of course, helped the TRP’s and Aneek’s popularity.