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Jai Bajrangbali ki

Results of moral extremism. Thank god they didn't go ahead with wedding plans.

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Harshita said...

Kya yeh log... inko koi kaam dhaam nahi.

Faaltu ki timpass-giri mein lagey rehtey hain... Upar se Rabb ke naam ki band bajaatey rehtey hain...

I think they need some amount of rehab!!

Amrita~Ams said...

heheheh..i dont know y m laughing :P
i guess bcoz im single....
n bajrang dal n their activities r the only tym pass i hv on vday :D :D

Suresh Kumar said...

But unhappily, in my hometown, malls and restaurants had deserted look thanks to their plans for the V-Day.

Unfortunately, fear factor has played the upper role!

Sneha said...

khali dimag shaitan ka ghar or kuch nahi.