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Blue Velvet

I don't usually listen to English songs. Whichever I do, I come across them as a part of a movie/tv-series OST. Here's a song from David Lynch's Blue Velvet originally sung by Bobby Vinton. To aayeye sunte hai bobby vinton ki madhosh kar dene wali aawaz me yeh sugam sangeet. :P

Hope you enjoy it.

And here's an inspirational video I came across after a long time. Click here.

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Chronicwriter said...

love this one..
thanks for sharing

commenting from my mail account cos i am doing some repair work in my page

Harshita said...

Achcha hain :)

Yeh sab toh theek hain, par kuch likh tu ab...main fir beemar padd gayi toh mere jaisi reader kho dega kuch din ke liye...

Kuch likh fir sey Abhishek-style, mast sa :D