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Pehchaan kaun?

Can You identify the girl in the picture? I bet you can't.

Came across this joke today in Maxim's January 2009 issue.
Height of embarrassment: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking your nose first. OUCH!! Gave me stomach cramps this one.

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SMRITI said...

Tulip Joshi is it??? Looks like her for some reason O_O

Lol @ the joke :D

Mads said...

joke was lol at its best =))

and is it genelia? :O i rotated my laptop from all angles (little realize i could hv saved the pic and rotated the pic instead of moving my laptop from all angles...sobs:( )
the only one i can think of is genelia :(

Freya said...

lol. it's genelia. at first i thought it's priyanka

Suresh Kumar said...

If i have not read the other comments, i wud not have thought it was genelia. Is it? looks like that.

Amrita~Ams said...

that genelia..? i guess i m rgt?
thought this in first luk.. :O :P
Am i genius?? :P :P