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Read this. Which brings us to the question "How much of sexual liberty is good?" and "Is sexual education doing any good in the west?" then why should we introduce it in India. This is total erosion of family values. Is mindless westernization eating into our Indian culture?

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Nidhi said...

a question which has no definate answer. no one can say how much liberty is good. i shiould say hw much ever u can handle is good fr u :P

Phoenix said...

read it. see the thing is our social structure is drastically different from the west. here we are trying to adopt the western concept of sex education as a model. so why not just keep them as a model as pros and cons of what can happen of sex education and learn from it? see what happened with the 13year olds are unthinkable in india and its atrocious irrespective of where it happened.but india where a larger % is rural areas, where there are child marraiges, and young mothers, or a place where rape and molestation cases are in the increase, sex education is a must. every topic has a pro and a con, it is upon us to learn from the bad and make sure we dont repeat our mistakes.just because something bad happened doesnt mean it must or will happen here. we can always learn from it and move forward and rid our society of its evils and prevent such evils from taking place!

Sneha said...

School mai hindi mai essey likhna hota tha "Vizan verdan hai ya Abhishap" tou agar chizo kou positively dekho tou sab sahi hai.may be adhey child abuse key case na hou paey.

Sneha said...

and yes about Indian culture.Have u ever been to Vrindavan you must look at the plight of the widows that have been abandoned by there families there are around 50,000 widows living
there on charity and the abysmal conditions. My comment is off the topic but I am trying to show you a glimpse of what happens in the name of Indian culture.

hitch writer said...

hey you are tagged again !! check my last post !

abhishek said...

thanks for the visit...still there has to be a clear demarcation i believe.

@raka and sneha
see...that's why i named the post title 'not all things...' i really like some...but dislike others...

Harshita said...

Yeah! I read the whole story and it is sad for the kids.

But as you said, not all things western are good.

I think sex education is something which originated from India many years ago but with every passing year it became a taboo here.

It is more like you know it all but how you use ur power of education is what makes it good or bad.