Living on earth sure is expensive but it includes a free round trip around the sun.

I'm alive

Thanks for noticing. Was on a trip to Goa few days back. Since coming back I've been incredibly busy and will remain so for at least a month or so. So, unless something earth-shattering event happens like I fall dead you won't be hearing from me...will try to follow you guys the best I can. Anyhow thanks freya for the cute blogger award. The last time I checked into the mirror, I was anything but cute.

Goa was loads of fun. Here's sharing some moments from Goa.

Mid-day orgy in progress at Colva beach.


The best pic of the trip clicked by me of course at Chapora fort (The Dil chahta hai fort)


Sunset at Chapora fort beach.


Chunni from Dev D at Calangute Beach (the Jason Bourne beach)


Holi with Russian girls at Leela beach. Wanted to take them for a ride but they don't understand a word of English. Damn the Russians :P


Baccha log aisa nahi karne ka


Biker Boyz