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Phew!! Phase-I of placements over. Just 50% junta placed in 22 days. Recession has, well not only distributed pink-slips in bounty, it has made sure that creation of new jobs almost impossible. Industrial output has fallen for the first time since 1993. 3 wing mates still berozgar, so not a very merry Christmas after all. Last year it was raining money in here with 90% placed inside 7 days. Compared to that it has been a real eye opener this year. Hmm…let’s see what the new year has in store for us.


PS: Waise suna hai ki Bihar me IITians ka bhav 50 lakh hai. Koi bihari ladki nazar me hai to batao bhaiya :P

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Amrita~Ams said...

hah...all engg r facing the same..
even i published a related post!

Sneha said...

maney suna hai Bihar mai ladko ko shadi key liey KIDNAP kar latey hai.
he he he
tou umide kum hee rekho,;)
Merry christmas N happy new year.:)

Suresh Kumar said...

Reminds me of a friends predicament. He went for an interview where he was asked the standard question, 'why do u want to leave the existing job?'. His reply, 'The turnover had fallen drastcally for the last few months and there is not much activity.". So the interviewer, "So you r not there with the company during bad times ?" He answered boldly, "Its not like that. I dont want to be there when they say, 'Its a very bad time and i think we cant afford to keep you here'"

Tough times ahead re.

Harshita said...

Things will look up sometime for sure... :)

I agree with Sneha... Bihar mein toh kidnap kar letey hain... :P

Haha...have fun

abhishek said...

@amrita read ur post...very well written
@suresh...all economic forecasts indicate an even more duller year
@sneha and harshita...kidnapping ke baad 50 lakh milte hai kya??

Sneha said...

kya milta hai kya nahi y tou kidnap honey key baad hee peta chalega.;)

Phoenix said...

tough tough times ahead..the fear of pink slips is gnawing at everyone... thankfully im still a student... :)

btw r u from IIT kgp?? or do u just stay in KGP? tumi ki bangali? pardon me if im encroaching on your privacy

abhishek said...

yeah...i'm from iit kgp...i mean i did mention it on my profile and yes, aami bangali :)

Mannu said...

IIT ke baad IAS kar lo, fir Bihar mein bhaav ek caror ho jayega. Buss kabhi kahin akele mat jana , when in bihar..u know it, why.

Ladki ke papa wahan honge, bhai 'IIT' mein hoga, chachera bhai 'aI aI uM' mein hoga, chhote behan ki 12th mein '95%' honge, chache, mamaa, tayaa wahan-wahan honge-- IAS, Cheif $%^, IPS, Ministers.
aur saath mein ek caror bhi denge!!