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Darwin and Akbar's folly

darwin.gifMom saw the picture of the gorilla at the Budapest zoo going under the scalpel for ovarian tumor and asked 'Did men came from gorillas?'

'Yeah, Darwin suggests so.' I answered.

'Must be true. You know how I'm sure of it. That American lady who plays tennis, she exactly looks like one.'

My father and I burst out in laughters. Poor Darwin. He had to undergo several years of research and that too on finches to arrive at the same conclusion.


On Sunday times editorial page, M J Akbar in his article 'India, Pak aren't neighbors; they are worlds apart' suggests 'If a poll were taken in India, asking whether Pakistan should be relocated in Latin America, the answer would be an unanimous yes.' I think Mr. Akbar completely misses the point. Even if such a poll is taken in Pakistan, before casting any choice the question asked would be 'Who gets to keep Kashmir?' ;)

Akbar should have known better. Personally, I feel India should be relocated right past Brazil. That way the carnival dancers would be just stone's throw away from us. :D

Few things are as revered in Brazilian culture as the bunda-the female posterior. Just like God who's omnipresent in here, the bunda has its conspicuous presence in there.

PS: I always had this feeling that I was born in the wrong country.

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hitch writer said...

We being transported to right past Brazil ???

Not a bad idea at all... I always wanted to visit the amazon !! would be nearer that way !!!

Chriz said...


no wonder ronaldo did not score any goal in that 3-0 loss to france in 98

Suresh Kumar said...

Darwin didn't knew that 'Sab chehre pe likha hota hain' :)

First it was deepika padukone, now brazillian carnival dancers. :)

Hmmm.... I believe some chemical reaction is taking place inside yout body. :)

Mads said...

eeeks ur such a boy :(( brazilian carnival dancers it seems...gah!! jumped from deepika to skimpy dancers in bikinis huh? X-(
i liked the post, it was a nice blend of two different things and ur mom is so cute :D :D :D

abhishek said...

guys I am just 21...what do you expect???

abhishek said...

@mads...abhi meri mom se mili kahan ho???...ek baar mil lo saari cuteness bhul jaogi

Harshita said...


Typically men :)

Brazil is a nice place though and from wat I hear they have traffic rules as bad as ours, so its gonna be easy to be located next to them or infact in Brazil itself :D

Your mom is a complete sweetheart... ;)

Toonfactory said...

Nice read....Don't cal Williams Sisters Gorilla....they'll sue you for Racism... ;)

abhishek said...


never could quite comprehend that term...typically men!!


whoever said abt william sisters ;)