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Hype, Hoopla and Heroes

All the hype (read: positive hype) and anticipation surrounding heroes season 3 premiere came to a very abrupt end as me, utki and kaka clamoured ourselves to end of the 2 hour long (omg!!) premiere.

So, what do a whole lot of bunch of people with whatever ridiculous powers one can think of do? …they work to save the world and how? fucking up the already fine working world by going back and forth in time (god knows how many times they are gonna pull the same shit) and then saving the world (oh! thank god (read: peter petrelli) for saving the day).

The episodes seemed to have no storyline of any sort. There were gaping holes through the plot (Like when Sylar forgot to blast through the doors when he had Claire all cornered in a tiny room). All the creators did was introduce some more heroes, some more villains (some inspired from X-men, some from human imagination running wild (I mean really wild)) and a piece of paper that can supposedly end the world if it falls into the wrong hands. Come on people. Get a life!! If the piece of paper is so dangerous, just destroy it.

Well, there was one silver lining. Our own Mohinder Suresh finally gets some powers to show for. He can now climb walls, has super strength, agility and swashbuckling six pack washboard abs. Shall we say chipkali-man? :D

However, towards the end our hero’s skin begins to come out from his back like worn out distempers from a dilapidated wall. Yuck!!!

Post script: If I had the power of going back in time, I would have gone into Marilyn Monroe’s bathroom to watch her bath naked...sounds so much fun than saving the world.

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