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When she called ...


I have a weird situation going on in my house where my brother’s gf has to call on my mobile in order to talk to him (he’s still in school…so no mobile of his own). I also have to make sure that my mom doesn’t get a whiff of this situation otherwise she’s gonna smack his ass white. (He’s supposed to seriously prepare for JEE et al)

So, a couple of days back she gives a call while we were having our family dinner. I went out to attend her call. Here’s what happened…


“ Hello…Hi…Is Anirban at home?”

“ Yeah…But he can’t talk to you right now…How about you call after 1 hour?”

“ How about you give him the phone right now…And I mean right now.” She demanded.

You can’t argue after that…Can you?

So, I summoned my brother and we got ourselves into our dungeon (separate extension to our house where we keep our stuff and no one’s allowed except us). All along while he tried to talk to her in hushed tones, I kept on thinking stories to present before the prosecutor once we return to the living room. After he was finished talking he had the “Dude, we are so busted!!” look. I reassured him with my “I got your back dude” look. :P

When we returned to the living room, here’s what happened.

“ So, who was she?” (ha-ha…and you thought there was no way she could have known it was a ‘she’. For a start, I was startled too. But, then I was reminded of her super hearing power (she has super sight too). But the key to an expert lie is not to flinch one bit. Don’t bat an eyelid in case of change of situation. Since there’s no time to invent a new lie, it is advisable to stick to the original one and bring in slight modifications as and when required. Important thing is to maintain the eye contact and no stammering.)

“ ummm…my friend.”

“Since when did you have female friends?” (that was insulting)

I just gave my really surprised look in protest (eyelids pulled wide apart and hands drawn out showing the full face of the palms…although I was not really surprised at her comment)

And she continued “So why did she want to talk to…”

(Here’s where you cut in before she completes the sentence if you want to sell your story) “Remember you telling me to search for good physics teacher among the IITians…well my friend is very good at physics and she has agreed to teach him. She wanted to talk to him in private about it and get to know where he stands in terms of the amount of course he has covered as of now.”

“ So, when will she be teaching him?”

“ Sunday evenings sounded good.”

“hmm…” She sounded convinced by my story.

Later on we shared our high fives and low fives. It was win-win for all three for us. Now, my bro gets a weekly time off to visit his gf. My mom thinks his son is in good hands and learning physics. As for me I get a cool Rs 2000 p.m. (that’s my fictitious female friend’s fees). Never thought swindling money out of mom would be so gratifying.

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Toonfactory said...

Haha..nice post...Thanks for following my blog...I am a writer and aspiring director...I am into content developing and concept creation...right now with BIG Animation, working as an Asst. Director (Pre-Production)for animated films..

Sneha said...

Aaaaaa Abhishek jis din Big boss (mom) ko peta chala na uss din court marshal ho jaega.;)
All the best.He He
Have a nice day.

abhishek said...

jani...Don Ko Pakadnaa Mushkil Hi Nahi- Namumkin Hai