Living on earth sure is expensive but it includes a free round trip around the sun.



When everything looked 

So haplessly bleak

When every direction sounded

The discordant note

When every blow of air seemed

Like a tight slap on the face

When every iota of second seemed

Like a miniscule part of eternity

Along came an angel and

No ordinary was this angel

For he had hope, faith and belief

And grandeur of a thousand sun

The gust of air that surrounded him

Had this mysterious energy

That drove away all the melancholy

His quest for brilliance was impeccable

His deliverance unfathomable

His aura dispersed reverence

For he instilled faith in me

Ushered me to take risks

And revived the one thing

That is so essential to win any battle

And that is belief in oneself

Now I made the audacious attempt to dream

And I wasn’t afraid this time

An invisible force crept in me

A force that was incredibly strong

And it was the force of belief

And thus I stood resurrected

Like a phoenix from its burnt ashes


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