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Hmm…well if you are looking for ‘Bheja Fry’ or ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’ then you are in for disappointment. The main protagonist is someone you can identify with…a middle class man with the ‘loser’ tag hung on him.The plot is inspired from ‘The Bucket List’. First time director Sushant Sharma has done an appreciable job, but the screenplay doesn’t pack enough material to inspire a second viewing. The film has its moments where you laugh/cry.

The best moments from the film are the whole episode involving Neha Dhupia. She, for a change, looks refreshingly good. The whole episode left me emotionally overwhelmed. Vinay Pathak as usual gives a solid performance.

And finally a few lines to pathak’s unrequited love in the film:

I know that you don't feel for me
The way I feel for you.
We're good friends, I value that,
There's nothing you need do.
But as a friend I need to tell you
What is in my heart.
An unsaid truth is like a wall,
Keeping us apart.
My love for you will go nowhere,
Will just remain with me.
I'll hold it in my quiet arms
And feel it constantly.

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Firebolt said...

Yay! The Post a comment link works for me now.

I've wanted to see this movie from the very first time I saw it's promo when I went home for Diwali. But I just don't have the time. The little time for movie that I got this weekend was devoted to Hard Candy. Now there's a movie I loved.

Cheers! ^_^

Harshita said...

Am gonna watch this one for sure.

I know the storyline and it does sound something worth watching.

Thanks for that brief review... :)

peter said...

i want to see this movie ..but has got a lot of appreciations !

Anonymous said...

hey i heard good reviews abt this movie....for sure i wud catch up on this....vinay pathak is one versatile actor for sure

abhishek said...

taking a cue from u, i got to watch an awesome movie.To say that Ellen page was brilliant would be an understatement. Although the ending was a bit slack, i enjoyed it thoroughly.

abhishek said...

i know you'll love the movie. What are you waiting for then?

let me know how it turned out for you.

Vinay Pathak plays one of those characters who I can easily identify with...he's one of my fav.

Sneha said...

Movie is good.
Review bhi achcha hai.
Comment box is working now.:)
comments bhi achchey aa rehey hai.:)
post bhi roz aa rehi hai.
have a nice day
keep writing
keep smiling.:)

Toonfactory said...

Ummmm I am yet to see the movie dude...Vinay ji is a friend of mine and have to face him this Monday...cant go without seeing the film :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Now the final four lines of the poem is how my character Prem feels for Simran. He feels it so strongly that he forces me to write on him and nothing else.

abhishek said...

i meant why are your characters named only prem and simran

Firebolt said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie.

As for Dasvidaniya, it has moved back a bit on my movies-to-watch list because I can't wait to watch Juno. That's another Ellen Page movie.

Cheers! ^_^