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Rehman:The Virtuoso

ghajiniI have always liked Rehman’s music. I think there’s no way you can dislike a Rehman creation. There are 2 ways of reacting to a Rehman composition. Either you like it instantly or you hear it over and over again and then it strikes, ‘Hey! this is not so bad. In fact, its great.’ (‘Pappu can’t dance sala’, was something like that.)

Yuvvraaj belonged to the former category. Its music was its only saving grace. I don’t know how the extra ‘v’ and ‘a’ were going to save this film with its completely unoriginal plot and unimaginative direction.

Ghajini, on the other hand, belongs to the latter category. After listening  to the whole album, the only songs I liked, were ‘Gujaris’ and ‘Behka’. But after playing Ghajini continuously for 3-4 days, I absolutely love ‘Aye bachchu’ and ‘latoo’. What surprised me was that both the songs are sung by Shreya Ghosal, who added a western tinge to the songs. She was completely unrecognizable.

Some of the lines from ‘Latoo’ were weird. In the middle of the song the chorus sings ‘Chalo Chalo Zimbabwe’. I thought why someone like Prasoon Joshi do that. But then, some of the shooting of the film takes place in Namibia. I guess, that explains it. ;)

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Harshita said...

I loved "Aye Bachchu" and "Guzaarish" the most.

You are so right about the two reactions to HIS music.

I am a big fan of AR Rehman...He is a phenomenon.

Firebolt said...

I LOVE A.R. Rahman -- he is the best, forever.

Suresh Kumar said...

I liked Tu Muskaraan and Guzaarish. The songs Of JTYJN were good. Tu Muskaraan made me feel 'hav i heard it sometime b4' but it was nice.