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Reluctant Dreamers

This ad came in TOI once, a few months back. It caught my eye instantly. Few days later, I was reminded of it. I thought it would be great to cut the clipping and attach it to my room. But, after fervent rummaging through the newspapers, I couldn't find it.

Yesterday, I accidentally found it on a site. I find it so appealing. I don't think there are many people in this world who actually do what they really like; as their job. Not many people wake up on a Monday morning and say, "Yay! I have to go to work today."

My father's a doctor. But, his first love has always been plants. You have to look at the way he dedicates himself to the care of his garden. He loves the plants as his own children and looks so blissful with whatever time he gets to spend with them.

As my dear friend aptly puts it :
"If you do a job that you enjoy, then you'll never have to work for it."                            
Famous Scottish philospher William Barclay says 
“There are two great days in a person's life -- the day we are born and the day we discover why.”
I think he failed to mention a third day. The day we start working on the why. The first day comes in everybody's life. A sizeable portion of junta is also able to discover why. But very few dare to go after the 3rd day. Most of us dismiss it as wishful thinking. Most of us are intent on living a risk free life, cautiously treading a path without any complexity. I sometimes feel like we are just existing here, not actually living the life.

Go chase your dreams junta.

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Suresh Kumar said...

But sometimes one has to make compromises. But he can always allow some time in the week for that thing he loves to do.

I love to write stories but that doesn't make me a very good writer to spend the whole life on it. I need to make a living na...

abhishek said... what have you done with ur story writing skills?

Suresh Kumar said...

Some can only be a passion, you can't make it a profession.

I do write full fledged scripts and distribute among good friends to know their review