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Found really old Cadbury ads...thought that it would make for a really nice post.

1.This video I think is the oldest one among the lot. Who can recognize Rakhi (Bigg Boss 2 fame) from the

The first one in chronology (at least that's what I think)

2.This one is the most memorable of the lot and who wouldn't want to dance like the girl in front of a whole crowd. I know I would although I would be complimented with "Yo!! Jackass...what in the world were you doing??" comments.

The spontaneous dancing dame

3.I don't get why men act like this in front of women. But with a gorgeous lady like that, it is completely understandable.

The Bull ad

4.Wow!!This girl seemed desperate for Cadbury.

The Despo Girl

Hmm...Nostalgic anyone??

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Sneha said...

Kuch Khas hai hum sabhi mai....

very true
Lots of my good memories are connected to this Ad.
Thanks for sharing.:)
BTW Rakhi Sawant nahi dikhi muzey.:)

abhishek said...

i wasn't talking about rakhi sawant. i was talking about rakhi vijayan from the 2nd season of bigg boss